High-Quality Cuts at a Great Price

We don't just handle custom beef processing in Chugwater, WY

Buying your meat from the source is a great way to make sure you're getting high-quality products. Chug Springs Butchery offers sells locally-raised beef and pork in Chugwater, WY. All of our beef comes from Wyoming and our pork comes from western Nebraska.

Our beef is split into halves - two cut sheets per beef. Hamburger meat will be bagged. Everything else will be vacuum sealed. Please also note we don't sell buffalo or yak.

You can call to purchase an animal from us. We'll then follow the same process as our custom beef processing and pork processing. And we don't upcharge if you want to split the animal with another person.

Receive more details about our order process when you call 307-365-4338.

Why should you buy from us?

Chug Springs Butchery is the favorite butcher of the Chugwater, WY community because we...

  • Offer custom orders on pork and beef
  • Sell locally-raised meat to customers
  • Don't upcharge when you split the meat

Feel free to purchase your meat over the phone. We'll follow the same process we use for our custom beef processing and pork processing.

We split our beef into halves. You can learn more about our cuts by reaching out to us or stopping by the shop.