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Browse our selection of fresh bratwurst in Chugwater, WY

Stop settling for bland, grocery-store meat. Chug Springs Butchery in Chugwater, WY carries fresh, cooked sausage, fresh bratwurst and other meats available for purchase. Our meat is vacuum sealed to ensure freshness. And our hamburger and ground sausage is placed in bags.

For information on our prices, call 307-365-4338 to speak with our butcher.

Fresh is best

There's no better taste than fresh, cooked sausage in the morning. Stock up on your favorite meats at Chug Springs Butchery in Chugwater, WY. We're proud to offer savory, cooked products such as...

  • Italian and summer sausage
  • Breakfast links and bratwurst
  • Snack sticks and jerky
  • Sweet and ring bologna

Want to add chilis, cheese or jalapenos to your fresh bratwurst? Just let us know.

We'll let you know the time the animal was brought in. Our cooked products have a turnaround time of roughly 10 to 14 days and you can trust us to process everything safely.

Start enjoying fresh meat with your meals - stop by our shop today.

Grill something next level

Looking for a way to take your cookout up a notch? Turn to Chug Springs Butchery in Chugwater, WY. We offer a wide range of specialty meats including fresh cooked bratwursts.

One of the best parts of the summer is getting together with friends and family to enjoy a great meal. So, don't settle for store-bough burgers and hot dogs. Instead, bite into one of our fresh cooked sausages with your favorite toppings on a warm bun. Whether you're celebrating the fourth of July or ending summer with a back-to-school cookout, we've got the specialty meats you crave to make your mouth water.

Why settle for average when you can have incredible? Get in touch with us now at 307-365-4338 to see what we have in store!