Bring Your Pigs or Cows to Us

Choose us when you need custom meat processing in Chugwater, WY

If you raise cows for meat, make sure you connect with our expert butcher in Chugwater, WY. Chug Springs Butchery provides custom meat processing services to ranches and individuals. We vacuum pack everything but our hamburger meat, which is placed in bags. And you don't have to pay until you come to pick up your bagged hamburger meat or vacuum-packed meat.

Arrange your slaughter date today when you call 307-365-4338.

Leave the processing to us

Contact Chug Springs Butchery in Chugwater, WY when you need custom meat processing services. We can process...

  • Beef
  • Pigs
  • Buffalo/bison
  • Yak

Call us to schedule a slaughter date. After you bring the animal in, we'll kill and hang it. Your meat will be stored for up to three weeks. Using the information you provide on our cut sheet, we'll process your meat, cut it and box it. Special cuts are available if what you want isn't listed on our cut sheet. Payment is due when you pick up your vacuum-packed meat or bagged hamburger.

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