Bring Your Wild Game to Us

We're the go-to wild game butcher in Chugwater, WY

Every good hunter knows you don't waste your meat. Get your wild game processed at Chug Springs Butchery in Chugwater, WY. Our wild game butcher will take care of your elk or white-tailed deer processing properly. Bring your game into the shop in chunks and we'll handle the grinding and sealing.

There's about a 10-to-14-day turnaround time for wild game processing. Everything will be vacuum sealed except hamburger meat - this will come in bags.

Walk-ins are welcomed. Please call ahead for buffalo processing.

Enjoy every bit of your wild game

You worked hard to catch that animal - make sure it's processed right. Chug Springs Butchery is your trustworthy wild game butcher in Chugwater, WY. We can accept...

  • White-tailed deer and mule deer
  • Antelope, elk and bison/buffalo
  • Bear and mountain lions
  • Moose and big-horned sheep

Whether you need elk or white-tailed deer processing, count on us to cut, prepare and seal your game.

Do you have additional questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.